What our clients think about us.

Bounce Personal Experience
…I have been attending classes at BounceLimit since May 2016 after being introduced to it through a friend who is one of the instructors. I personally can』t stand gyms, I have no desire to go to the gym and I find it intimidating as an 「average jo 」 trying to just be generally healthy surrounded by gym junkies who are strutting around.

BounceLimit has a completely different environment that is supportive and noncompetitive. This is most important to me because the atmosphere is so welcoming and makes me to want to return. Even though you are surrounded by other people doing the same workout, everyone is on their own person-al journey.

I have always had issues with tightness in my hip flexors, which also gives me issues in my lower back and hamstrings. Since the rebounder gives me support when I』m working out for this target area, I am able to really focus on my weak points without straining my self. This has allowed me to develop strength in other areas too and my overall fitness has dramatically improved because of this workout style.

Nicholas Beckwith
Bounce Personal Experience
…I started taking classes at BounceLimit since 4 months ago as one of the Ambassadors, and my pos-ture and core muscles have been improving so much.

My full time modeling job requires long hours of standing and posing in heels, and that has been the main cause of my back pain for many years. Normally I try my best to keep good posture even when I am walking on the street or off from work, but back pain was always there no matter what, especially since I always have to rush and run around different photoshoot studios and casting venues with a heavy bag to carry so much stuff.

So far, I have tried chinese acupuncture, chiropractic, or body massage to heal or cure the pain of my body, but none of them was the solution, but more like a temporary remedy.

When I got invited to become a BounceLimit Ambassador, I was very excited to try their rebounding exercise, because I learned that the rebounder absorbs shock to the knees and joints up to 85%, and since I have been doing other exercises like Muay Thai and weight training which sometimes hurt, re-bounding is the perfect exercise for my physical condition.

At the beginning, it took me a few times to get used to their classes, it was because those muscles and body parts which were not used in daily activities or in other exercises, were waking up and finally used, and I started to feel the difference after a few weeks especially with Pilates, which really works for my back and core muscles.

Thanks to all the BounceLimit instructors for guiding me very carefully and attentively with posture assessment during and after class, now surprisingly, I don』t have my back pain anymore! BIG NEWS after so many years of living with my back pain!!
I am really happy about it, and it totally changed my lifestyle in very positive ways. Now I don』t have to keep holding my back to walk, now I care about my posture even more, and I stay healthy, eat clean, and drink enough water to keep the body hydrated as the instructors always remind us after class, and now I feel great about myself.

My second favorite class after BouncePilates is TabataBounce, you really sweat a lot and your whole body will be used in this class. I keep coming back to this class because I just love the feeling when I finish the class. It』s so refreshing and the muscle soreness on the next day feels good, and I do it main-ly for fat burning to stay fit.
And my favorite instructor is Megan, I like to take her Pilates class, her class is always fun, has good vibes and a great playlist with her creative choreography, I always enjoy coming back to her class.

Whoever has some back pain problem or long hours of wearing heels because of work, I would high-ly recommend you come visit, try, and you will see and feel why it』s really good for you. Come join me!

Jasmine Wu
Bounce Personal Experience
…I have been on the BounceLimit Ambassador program for roughly three months now, and it has sig-nificantly changed the way I feel in my own body. Before joining BounceLimit, I hadn』t been working out much and always felt bloated in my stomach. When my friend Owen introduced me to BounceLimit for the first time, I actually took his Bootcamp class. I remembered I had to take a break in the middle of the class to rest before catching up and finished the rest of it. That was how out of shape I was. After only a few classes, I already felt the difference in my body especially my core. With all the detoxing that bouncing started in my body, my stomach doesn』t feel bloated any more and my abs feel a lot tighter. On another note, I suffered old injuries in my tailbone and my knees, which make me unable to perform a lot of exercises on a hard surface. With the rebounders, I finally met the solution to that problem. Now I can do two classes in a row on a good day, without having to worry about any of my old injuries preventing me from executing the proper exercises in class. BounceLimit provides a variety of classes targeting different workout goals. I get to pick and choose what I want to train for that specific day. Everybody in the BounceLimit family is nice and friendly, which makes me feel right at home whenever I come in for a class. I recommend BounceLimit to all of my friends be-cause I have experienced the amazing changes it made myself.
Belinda Yan
Bounce Personal Experience

After training at BounceLimit for 3 months, I』ve never felt better! The variety of exercise and combi-nation of cardio and core strengthening has increased my energy levels and confidence tremendously.

Prior to joining BounceLimit, I had terrible posture and found it difficult to keep my back straight. I was working a full time 9-5 job and often worked overtime so my back was hunched for most of the day and night. When i changed to a job that required me to be on my feet most of the time, I knew I needed to improve my fitness routine or I would surely struggle and endure even more aches and pains. I also had a bad habit of internalising stress which made me susceptible to illness and lack of motivation. I truly needed an outlet!

My body frame is already quite petite, so weight loss was not my priority. However, I did lack tone and definition and had areas of cellulite that I wanted to sort out. My initial goal was to im-prove mental and physical strength and the physical aesthetic of a bikini body would improve hand in hand. When I started to see positive change, I was feeling a lot happier and also made a conscious ef-fort to drink less alcohol and cut out junk food as much as possible because I loved how awake and energized I naturally felt without all the junk.

BouncePilates has helped me strengthen my core and posture.

TRXBounce has helped me with toning and I』ve started to see abs forming!

AirBounce has helped me with stamina, increased my energy levels and helped me stay focused throughout the day.

The instructors are all energetic, friendly and professional. They know how to correct posture and movements without making you feel self conscious and are always encouraging. They truly brighten my mornings before work!

I enjoy a variety of exercise but I really like how the rebounder softens the impact when jumping. The combos and timing of bouncing to the music also challenges the body to develop good muscle memory and makes the mind sharper. Overall, I』m loving the journey of improvement with BounceLimit!

Karina Curlewis