Only at BounceLimit: Programme-Based Personal Training

Lucia Tam
Lucia Tam Master Trainer
BounceLimit』s Programme-Based Personal Training was created by Master Trainer and BounceLimit founder Lucia Tam.

At BounceLimit we do Programme-based Personal Training, which means you get not just one, but a team of experts training with you to help you achieve your needs. Our Master Trainers oversee your progress and create a tailored 4 to 6 week programme for you to make sure you get the right mix of cardio, strength, body weight training, weight training, flexibility and stretch training. Instead of working with just one person, you will work with the individuals who have the most expertise in the areas you need.


Why we love our programme-based approach (and you will too!):

  • One-on-one training with experts focused on different aspects of your training. We can』t all be the best at everything, but we gather the best to do what they excel at, and apply it to your specific situation
  • A Master Trainer will be overseeing and accountable for your programme and progress
  • Flexible schedules and studio times for you to choose from. We can adapt to you!
  • Someone is always here for you – don』t pause your progress just because your trainer is out of town
  • Different personalities who will motivate and challenge you in different ways
  • Focus on your programme, taking into consideration nutrition, lifestyle, and other physical activities you love doing, so you can reach your goals easily and sustain a healthier lifestyle
  • Your needs will change as you get stronger, and we』re ready to adapt your programme to whichever level you need to go
  • All our trainers are certified in rebounding in addition to having internationally recognized personal training certifications (such as NASM), and undergo regular training with our Master Trainers to ensure they give consistent and quality training, even while they each have their own personal experience and flair to add
  • We work as a team: our clients benefit from our wealth of combined experiences and knowledge in rehabilitation, weight training, weight loss, muscle gain, and more

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Our Personal Training rates start from HK$800 per hour. Your first assessment with us will include identification of your weak areas, correcting common alignment issues, and how to get maximum benefits from rebounding. Book your complimentary assessment with us and get started on your programme at


How Mindy dropped 4 sizes and 20 lbs from BounceLimit』s personal training programme

You』ve probably seen Mindy at the studio, because she』s practically always here. She does one-on-one strength training 2 times a week with Lucia, weight training with Owen, and on other days, she does group classes to get her cardio in (AirBounce is her fav!). To promote faster muscle recovery and maintain flexibility, she does stretch and foam rolling with Gedvile.

Her hard work has paid off: the above photos show her 3 years ago (left) and 18 months after doing rebounder training. She』s now stronger, more energetic, and fitter than she』s ever been, at age 35. And she』s made it her lifestyle, so she』s not stopping anytime soon. Now that』s what we call #fitnessgoals .