What are you doing this Friday night?

Join us for LED nights, a hangover-free, guaranteed fun way to spend an evening with friends, old and new! Grab your workout buddies and start your weekend off on a natural high, rid yourself of the stress accumulated over the work week, and burn off some calories (or maybe a thousand!) at the same time.

WHEN? Our LED nights are on twice a week:

Tuesday 8:30pm LED TabataBounce
TabataBounce class will get you burning calories for hours after your workout has finished. This program is designed to shed off weight quickly in a 50 minute class. Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

Friday 7:10pm LED Game Night
LED Game Night is a 50min class, jam packed with fun, functional and effective exercises to strengthen your body and improve your cardio. This class will get you sweating and your heart pounding to the flashing lights and blaring music! Wear your neon clothes and come improve your circulation, agility and coordination. We guarantee you will come out sweaty, detoxed and smiling!

Spots are limited to just 15 per class, booking is essential!!

New to BounceLimit? Get yourself started by purchasing our first-timers trial promo ($400 / two classes) here. If you’ve already been to our classes, you can go right ahead and login here to top up credits and book yourself in for the next LED class. Our classes are pay-as-you-go, no commitment or contracts; only buy what you’ll use!

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Rebounding is great for detoxing

Yup, two minutes of rebounding helps clean the lymphatic system for one hour, and all that lymphatic circulation increases your immunity making you less likely to get allergies or flus. AND a host of other benefits include:

Reduces shock and pressure on joints during exercise since the trampolines absorbs 85% of the shock
Avoids knee damage that other forms of exercise (e.g. running) would do
Enables injured people to recover faster and back to better shape through rehabilitation rebounding exercises
Increases respiratory capacity
Circulates more oxygen to tissues
Creates higher equilibrium between oxygen demand and supply
Greatly enhances muscular and valvular fluid exchange, lightening the heart’s workload
Reduces levels of arterial blood pressure during exercise
Shortens recovery period after exercise
Increases red-cell production activity in the bone marrow, thus increasing oxygen-delivery capacity
Facilitates venous blood flow and lymph flow, improving waste removal from the body
Strengthens heart muscle and other muscles, causing them to work with greater efficiency
Stimulates metabolic activity
Promotes growth and tissue repair
Tones the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, to increase output
Stimulates the endocrine system to increase thyroid hormone production
Increases the body’s alkaline reserve for potential emergency output
Facilitates digestion and elimination processes
Improves sleep quality via muscle relaxation

When you do rebounding correctly, it’s possible to burn up to 1000 calories

Who wants to run on a treadmill when rebounding is way more fun, AND EFFECTIVE? NASA has done studies showing exercising on the rebounder is 3x more effective than running on the treadmill, and they use it to get their astronauts in shape for the zero gravity environments of space.

Ready to start rebounding?

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