All our programmes were designed by Master Trainer Lucia Tam for BounceLimit’s site-specific inlaid rebounders, using the unstable surface of the trampoline plus the stable surface of the ground to force your body to stabilize and strengthen. Our programmes are NASM certified and calibrated to get your heart rate in the optimal zones.

Just Beginning?

Learn the basics and proper technique at a slower pace in these classes

This class is designed for people that are trying rebounding for the first time! BeginnerBounce lets you experience a variety of our different programs. For those that don’t do a lot of exercise or have taken a break, this class is just for you! It allows you to get back into exercising and try the rebounder.

LED Game Night
LED Game Night is a 50min class, jam packed with fun, functional and effective exercises to strengthen your body and improve your cardio. This class will get you sweating and your heart pounding to the flashing lights and blaring music! Wear your neon clothes and come improve your circulation, agility and coordination. We guarantee you will come out sweaty, detoxed and smiling! Read more about this class here

YinRelease is based on Yin Yoga. Each pose in this class is held between 3-5 minutes. Our bodies are made up of Yang and Yin tissues. As muscles are Yang tissue, they can be strengthened through repetitive movements such as bouncing, running and cycling. Fascia and connective tissue are considered Yin. Yin Yoga focuses on longer static holds, allowing to release tightness in muscles and possible energy blockages. We need the combination of Yin and Yang to keep the joints healthy. The rebounder cushions your joints as you hold these poses, encouraging you to relax and release. The best thing about this class is that it is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Got it? Let’s go hard

If you’re looking to get the full benefits of a high intensity, low impact workout, and you’ve got your rebounder technique down, check out these intermediate classes.

AirBounce is a challenging and intense cardio workout that will get your heart pumping faster! Equivalent to a 40 minute uphill-run, AirBounce is 50 minutes of measured intensity that will guarantee you to sweat. This class is recommended for people who regularly exercise.

Our TabataBounce class will get you burning calories for hours after your workout has finished. This program is designed to shed off weight quickly in a 50 minute class. Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. *TabataBounce is also available some nights with LED

Rebounders support the joints through shock absorption, helping you to isolate the muscles you use in each exercise and making you work twice as hard! Core strengthening of the muscles is beneficial towards your back and spine. The rebounder will mould to your shape when you lie down, providing extra support for your back. This class is split into 50% cardio and 50% pilates exercises. BouncePilates is recommended for people who regularly exercise.

Get a double-whammy of combination core workout through the use of both the TRX suspension system AND the rebounder, which will force your entire body to contract and strengthen your stabilizer muscles. This will be the challenge your body is asking for, whilst being kind to your knees and joints. Some TRX background or experience is recommended.

Challenge me!!!

Bring your workout to the next level, challenge your body to its max

CombatBounce is a high-energy, martial arts inspired workout with no physical contact. Punch to slim your arms with weighted (0.5Kg) gloves. Kick your way to fitness, while bouncing on the rebounder for added intensity. In this class, you can burn up to 1000 calories. No experience needed. Release stress, sweat like crazy and burn loads of calories! Recommended for people who exercise regularly.

Our new and improved Bootcamp class has lots of new tricks and fun toys to make sure you sweat and work your whole body through a session of functional exercises. In Bootcamp, we jump less but use the rebounder’s unstable surface to challenge your muscles even more.

Challenging you with a fast paced workout, TRXCircuit combines strength exercises with bursts of cardio. Timed sets will keep your heart rate up as you power through the reps at various speeds