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    Karen’s 4 month BounceLimit Review

    One of our brand ambassadors; Karen from @livewellbasics has been attending classes with us for the past 4 months! Her transformation has been inspiring to all of us in the studio. Especially her motivation and drive.

    Below, is an excerpt from her post on finding the importance of happiness and self-love instead of solely looking at the measuring tape and scale!

    “What is meaningful though, is how my mindset has changed. 


    … Is that a lot is just about how you think. The way you think changes how you interpret your reality and how you choose to react. There have been many significant changes that altered my life just from starting with Bounce, starting to change and getting to that gym on a Friday night.

    How I react to results: From the get go I wanted long lasting results, I wanted to build habits. This meant that I needed to find a routine that fit with my life and my lack of self-discipline self. It also meant that I had to accept that I may not see significant changes in my body in the short run. And I’m okay with that. I’m not going to beat myself with a bat that’s my weight or my huge waistline. There is a constant self-reminder about how it’s about the marathon, not the race. That mindset has extended into a larger part of my life – helping me re-focus on the goals I choose instead of getting distracted with fleeting highs and banging lows.”

    Below is a month to month side profile of her transformation:

    Take a look at Karen’s blog post on her 4 month experience so far at BounceLimit here. If you’re just starting out at BounceLimit, her first month blog post will be perfect for you!

    Keep up the amazing work Karen! We can’t wait to see where you’ll be in 6 months time!

    We’re so excited to introduce our new Bounce Summer Intensive Programme to the Hong Kong Youth! Details are all in the above image. Feel free to contact us directly for more information or to book your space: 22410021

    Hear what Mike has to say about his experience so far at BounceLimit…

    “Prevention is better than cure!”

    Rebounding is for everyone. It is safe and gentle for the elderly as well as children with special needs. Rebounding stimulates the circulation of lymphatic fluid, contributing to an improved immune system. It rehabilitates injuries and strengthens weaker muscles of office workers who battle long working hours sitting at a desk. It is a tool for athletes to work their body in new, more challenging ways, thus enhancing their performance.

    As a form of exercise, rebounding is safe and efficient. Rebounding works the whole body by providing cellular exercise, both strengthening and cleansing your cells with each jump on the rebounder.

    BounceLimit strives to improve health, emotional well-being and quality of life on both an individual and communal level. We see the rebounder as a way to guide individuals of all fitness levels towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. We strongly believe in the importance of informing our clients about proper technique to help them understand their bodies.

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    Jump into a better Sleep, you deserve it!

    Healthy sleeping habits are just as important as maintaining a nutritious diet and regular exercise. I’m sure we can all relate to sleepless nights of tossing and turning, anxiously counting down the hours of sleep to be had… Especially during high pressured situations, many people in Hong Kong experience. To name a few, lack of sleep can lead to depression, memory problems and sicknesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

    Researchers and scientists are constantly looking for answers to aid people in finding better sleeping patterns. This is when rebounding comes in. Stepping foot on the rebounder and participating in our diverse classes promote overall mindfulness. Rebounding fitness has proven to help with self-confidence, releasing stress effectively and improving sleep quality through muscle relaxation and increased endorphin production.

    Beat that harmful insomnia and try out a class with us! Feel free to call us directly at: 2441 0021 or email at